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Pay To Win

We want to make sure our player experience does not feel pay to win, you are able to buy items which do provide advantages, these are solely meant to provide a head start, and most are available without paying.

While you may not like the practices made here, we are trying to make the experience as fair as possible, and we are open to suggestions. This shop is here to help fund the server to keep it running smoothly.


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Your Trust is Our Priority!

Dear buyer,

Your privacy is crucial to us at BennixMC. We collect only what's necessary for a better gaming experience. Your data is confidential, shared only with our CEO for administrative needs. We comply with privacy laws, ensuring your information is secure.

For details, check our privacy policy or contact us.

Xion, CEO @ BennixMC.

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This is the monthly amount of money we have to pay to keep the server up.

If we pass this goal, all online players will get 1x Mythic Crate Key.

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